Each of us is wearing a mask to live. In each different case, we often manifest different images.

In front of our parents, friends, colleagues, the things that we show are not the same. When communicating with different people, we can show different personalities and emotions.

A girl who is always an obedient child in front of her parents can be a sassy big sister in front of her friends. A strong woman can call the rain to call the wind at work, and can also turn into a petite little girl when she is with her boyfriend.

So in order to maintain the image of ourselves in the eyes of special people, we often consider a little bit about whether the words we say are appropriate to say to that person. There are things that, for anyone close to him, can’t be said. Over time, there are many things that we can only keep well in our hearts.

Therefore, strangers who do not have any connection in our daily lives are the most suitable people for us to open up about our stories. We don’t have to be in front of them trying to maintain a particular image, so it makes us more comfortable to share.
Most of all, confiding in strangers makes us feel more secure.

There are many people who think that confiding with strangers will be more comfortable, without any burden. Yes, it is, as we express our personal opinions in front of those close to us, subconsciously we may have to consider the dangers or the costs.

But with strangers, unfamiliar people, we don’t need to worry about that. The enemy does not know who you are, what to do, where to go later; After sharing each other’s stories, it is very likely that we will never see each other again. We just need to be able to comfortably vent out all the tormented emotions that make us unable to sleep at night, not to be afraid of how the other person will see us…