Silence gradually becomes a habit

I think, if you become more and more silent, more and more unwilling to talk, then this is not inherently weakness, not to negotiate. But you have seen a lot of useless things, and let go a lot. People, eventually only you become more and more mature. That is to say, a person’s silence is because to erase the corners of life, is a compromise with the world. This is a really tragic thing.

Bright but not dazzling, gentle but very powerful. Letting others see clearly is better than letting others look down on you. In this world, we are all travelers passing by, there are many people, many things that we can not control.

When he was young, he liked to argue with others, he was very concerned with other people’s views. And when he encountered some problems, he also wanted to find others to complain.

Later, gradually growing up, I realized that I liked the feeling of silence more and more.
Not immediately arguing with others, I gradually understood, not everyone lives in the same ocean, but has experienced different things. The three views also disagree, recognizing one thing will also difference. Life is inherently difficult like that, so you don’t have to force yourself to please anyone, listen to anyone’s wishes.

Don’t give all your anger and resentment to others. If you are with someone you feel comfortable with, then stay close, and if you feel tired, choose to be quiet and slowly walk away from them. After all, in this life, we will meet many people, but now, each person appearing in your life has a different meaning.

Because your difficulties are only you yourself who understands. Talking too much will only make others feel that you are a hypocrite, just find a quiet place, find something that makes you happy, heal your own wounds, be quiet and happy.

Your lover will give you warmth and courage; The person you love will teach you to love and share; The person you don’t like, will teach you tolerance and respect; The person who doesn’t like you will teach you how to reflect and grow.

Human life is like a trip, some people get off at this place, some people get off at the next station, being able to go together on the same road is already a part of fate.
When the person accompanying you wants to say goodbye, even if you don’t want to, you must be grateful in your heart, learn to let go, then wave goodbye.

Mountains and rivers can all be forgotten, the moon and the sun are inherently unrelated. In this world, in the end, we have to go alone, thinking that way can be happier.

Understand everything by just being so indifferent.

Half a life has passed, you are more and more silent, but you understand. There are many things that are not as important as you think, think a little, so you choose to be silent.

A long time ago, there was a king who wanted to find a saying that could make those who are happy after hearing it suffer, those who are sad can be happy after hearing it. He spent a lot of time asking many people, but he couldn’t find them. Until the evening of one day, in a dream, a scholar said to him, “It will all be over!”

Human life is like a dream, the world turns around, whether it’s good or bad, nothing is forever. For unclear things that are hard to let go, silence is the best weapon, time is the best antidote, all will be in the past.

It has almost become my life motto. Whenever I feel heartbroken or difficult, misunderstood by others, or not at work, I will use these words to make myself try harder. A human life has more than a dozen years, now we always pay attention to calculate, yes or no, but it is just a brief moment in the endless river of life.

Maybe a few decades later, when we look back, it’s all gone like smoke, completely not worth keeping an eye on our hearts.

For the rest of your life, tell yourself that, if you have it, you will be satisfied. If you lose it, you must be calm. Every thing that happens in life must be quiet, calm, and quietly smile.

You like silence, just because you are growing older.

If light to run off

Note the change of its growth of moving to the city from the countryside people, it is now not the big city in the country anymore because its economy or environment no longer become a good option or else going out of the path to new trends of relocating to the more extinct, and in a new country.

Else searching for digging into an issue and got the results unanswered, they seem to forget what they want to remember because of its stage of society and though it or adapt to waves off shores and looking for immense viewpoints from the public to conclude without a clue. What they have done is just a way proving themselves become helpful to parts of its community and bring money back land just to feed the needs, and with guilty claims to mend.

Why those people love to emigrate to other places? Although its state would become better and better but none can wait to see because we can’t stand it anymore or we leave just to oppose ourselves a better life to eagerly drop by.

There will be more men occupying those girls alone in each paths longing for future lives to call but the extraordinary fellows, these can call future theory of lyric to invest out of the waste and your mends will be a good co-partner ship in a more year period to plan well. That particularly helps out all their needs and what stream going to be fresh out and sure of going down onto depth to have a little fun.


In a crowd, people find themselves friends to get connected with and not any form of loneliness. Like the atmosphere hiding itself in peace to ignore what change it from the mindset of being at the maximum of healthy warmness and cleanliness. It is all absorbed to the lack of information and a kind of mixture it gets up in daily knowns.

A friend, looking to go overseas and have to pay an amount of normal labor as spending 20 years to work, and without spending to have got enough for the ticket itself. And why a better in infrastructure country have to pay more when going out to a less affluent one and in a long continuous coming within a round trip. And the might affect those thoughts to leave and without thinking back an end at homeland out of the living circumstances.

Like to pay for a living and obtain better circumstances as a clue to put in a debate or a type of arguing for the flow of braining out from the wrong and else working as a worm dying for long enough to mend its lifetime, and with a child newly about to born to whom he or she may have a choice with not to an explanation to see. They thought, it is time not to think anymore by taking the right or wrong decisions to become a newly goal.

Years to plan

When days passed a way and you still wonder how to know to make a good living except for going to work. It is funny to state that it is a kind of assumption and not going to happen or at least you are daydreaming and maybe you are either above the seven heavens or eighteen to hells.

Over the corner of knowledge, you might see what you want but can’t reach what you like to because all the things would beyond the fences. There is a girl seeking for love but she can’t enjoy her own alone when needed, like a rock lying down on its path for years to come and run it a promise to become a value of time. Then they can see and deeply understand to keep calm and neglect what need to be an exit to peace.

What you long for in the future makes you feel extremely exhausted when spending a lot of time trying to look for better goals and you consider how to make it happen or at the minimum you can feel your goals too safe to browse for something else over at the corner of your career paths. And mentioned so young that she might continue to go beyond the deals and debated about which kind of plans ever come about and tie up at the rope following the base of the valley to get rolled and up to the hill the most.


Looking for too much money to earn and what if you got it all what you needed and thoughts just come in mind again, another plans to arrive at the same time you got what you thought enough to make something which you want to happen. And just say it to wait in a period of 5 years or more to have another sort of enough just to feel very safe because you or I am not very ok at the moment. And why those temptations often come to arise? I guess it is just us to feel in a safe zone in the long run, and else what got older with us to conclude we are old enough not to make more and giving ourselves more chances to live at lease we can earn the best living.

What if you put yourself in a relationship? I just thought if 5 or ten more years I would be dying and before the time I grew up myself with being affluent or else just passing away and like a worm lying inside the soil to make a good sleep. A year later, a blossom from a nature flower or with a different name from its origin to rise.

Life of nature and its sense would make you engage with your own knowledge and growing up more ages as having enough layer of soil and nutrition to feed, like the sun lights our world with only a side up from the Eastern. From the side of being mature to see inside of your sights to see what if all your thoughts of world itself would be a type of assumption and years ending your unknown beings as if tomorrow has never come. So, you are now a tone trying to deepen the ground to stay behind the sound track.

Another years or more to come make the complex more complexing and your right track is not on its path anymore because you consider to kill it with your own sword to keep a right memory to chill up to a past day in future, and a girl looking at herself as if she might have a better choice to select. Its feeling of shores waving the upstreams absorbed and just arrived on time the sunset to haunt.