Be good to yourself

There is one thing that everyone must agree that words are more damaging than actions. If you hear some displeasure, you’ll be hurt even more than you can see. No one lives for you, even the people you trust and love the most.

You are laughed by others because they think you are inferior, not in the same world and class with them. But they don’t know that each person has a unique personality, no one is the same, and if they have the same, they will be equated forever. You are the unique and no one can replace you, believe that they are living in a mold of losing their personal ego, not because of you.

Everyone is born to be responsible for their own life. If you just live your life to please others, you will never find yourself. Having been given this life, try to live it so that you don’t waste time, living and putting aside the distractions of the outside world.

Only you have the right to take responsibility for your life so never put your destiny on someone else. No matter how sad, there will be times when it will end, stand up and look back at that pain so that we can grow up.

The mouth belongs to others, they have the right to speak, on the contrary, the ears are theirs, listening to what is chosen by them. Instead of hearing disparaging words, choose the good things to listen to and act on. We are born to enjoy this beautiful life, not born by anyone’s will. Don’t let yourself be too disadvantaged by thinking too much about others. There are things that the more I explain, the more wrong it becomes, so there’s no reason for me to say so much to make me tired.

The biggest failure of people is never to control their emotions, they live too instinctively. There are things just because of a little impulsiveness that spoil the big thing. As long as people have a relationship with each other, even if they are close, there will be times when they will argue. That’s the rule, so don’t let anger overwhelm reason, only when there are conflicts that we can have lessons and development nurture.

This is one of life’s important communication skills. Sometimes there are calamities caused by haste and carelessness in the sentence that make us meet. Before speaking, learn to think very carefully and carefully, don’t let “the mouth hurt the body.”

Never allow yourself to live for the sake of life. Because maybe no one is sincere from beginning to end, when you have everything, you are their idol. They give you beautiful words, when you have nothing, you are just a mediocre person in the sentence.

Silence gradually becomes a habit

I think, if you become more and more silent, more and more unwilling to talk, then this is not inherently weakness, not to negotiate. But you have seen a lot of useless things, and let go a lot. People, eventually only you become more and more mature. That is to say, a person’s silence is because to erase the corners of life, is a compromise with the world. This is a really tragic thing.

Bright but not dazzling, gentle but very powerful. Letting others see clearly is better than letting others look down on you. In this world, we are all travelers passing by, there are many people, many things that we can not control.

When he was young, he liked to argue with others, he was very concerned with other people’s views. And when he encountered some problems, he also wanted to find others to complain.

Later, gradually growing up, I realized that I liked the feeling of silence more and more.
Not immediately arguing with others, I gradually understood, not everyone lives in the same ocean, but has experienced different things. The three views also disagree, recognizing one thing will also difference. Life is inherently difficult like that, so you don’t have to force yourself to please anyone, listen to anyone’s wishes.

Don’t give all your anger and resentment to others. If you are with someone you feel comfortable with, then stay close, and if you feel tired, choose to be quiet and slowly walk away from them. After all, in this life, we will meet many people, but now, each person appearing in your life has a different meaning.

Because your difficulties are only you yourself who understands. Talking too much will only make others feel that you are a hypocrite, just find a quiet place, find something that makes you happy, heal your own wounds, be quiet and happy.

Your lover will give you warmth and courage; The person you love will teach you to love and share; The person you don’t like, will teach you tolerance and respect; The person who doesn’t like you will teach you how to reflect and grow.

Human life is like a trip, some people get off at this place, some people get off at the next station, being able to go together on the same road is already a part of fate.
When the person accompanying you wants to say goodbye, even if you don’t want to, you must be grateful in your heart, learn to let go, then wave goodbye.

Mountains and rivers can all be forgotten, the moon and the sun are inherently unrelated. In this world, in the end, we have to go alone, thinking that way can be happier.

Understand everything by just being so indifferent.

Half a life has passed, you are more and more silent, but you understand. There are many things that are not as important as you think, think a little, so you choose to be silent.

A long time ago, there was a king who wanted to find a saying that could make those who are happy after hearing it suffer, those who are sad can be happy after hearing it. He spent a lot of time asking many people, but he couldn’t find them. Until the evening of one day, in a dream, a scholar said to him, “It will all be over!”

Human life is like a dream, the world turns around, whether it’s good or bad, nothing is forever. For unclear things that are hard to let go, silence is the best weapon, time is the best antidote, all will be in the past.

It has almost become my life motto. Whenever I feel heartbroken or difficult, misunderstood by others, or not at work, I will use these words to make myself try harder. A human life has more than a dozen years, now we always pay attention to calculate, yes or no, but it is just a brief moment in the endless river of life.

Maybe a few decades later, when we look back, it’s all gone like smoke, completely not worth keeping an eye on our hearts.

For the rest of your life, tell yourself that, if you have it, you will be satisfied. If you lose it, you must be calm. Every thing that happens in life must be quiet, calm, and quietly smile.

You like silence, just because you are growing older.