Where is a good friend?

Friendship is such an investment in life: Wise people make selective connections, find people to stand side by side, not accept “foxes” as friends.

Associating with energetic and disciplined people, associating with ambitious and positive people, you get extra help in life.

Making the wrong friends is just a waste of time.

In any era, making many friends and expanding your network will give you a huge advantage in both career and life. All four directions are friends, people help us, we help people, mutually beneficial relationships are the key to connecting society. Those with few social connections will suffer a significant disadvantage. But that doesn’t mean you should make friends rampantly.

In life, there are many people who are “passionate” to communicate and are very social. They know a lot and seem to be friends with everyone. However, truly mature, wise people are rarely too sociable. They don’t want to spend a lot of time socializing, interacting with friends, because they are drawn to more long-term goals. They make friends selectively and subtly for the following reasons:

First, our time is limited. Instead of spending a lot of time networking, making new friends, wise people understand that it is much wiser to spend time to improve themselves. They understand that each person can only truly connect in a circle with people of the same level and have time to go with those people.

To maintain the so-called friendship, you better learn more to improve different abilities, read more, spend more time with family, make their body and mind happy , rich and colorful life, self-improvement and lasting skill, is this better?

Second, if the quality of friends is not high, having many friends is also useless. Smart people know that not all friends can directly or indirectly become helpers in career and life.

It’s not that they don’t want to connect with a lot of friends, but what they want is real friends, like-minded people, who can be the “ribs” in their life, not just receiving the gifts. “fox” as a friend. However, it is a pity that such true friends are becoming less and less and it is difficult to have such a person by your side.

Third, we often say that one’s friendship is “as light as water” and that people should keep a certain distance in communication. Really smart people will keep a certain distance from others. This distance can increase or decrease with the increasing visibility of the world, the ugly side of human nature and hence more caution in making friends.

Fourth, learning how to be strong alone is important to success. Smart people know what they want and know who they are. They like to be alone and not blind. This loneliness will make them stronger.

Let you have enough space to improve yourself, train your own intellect, bravery to travel in this exciting life. If you want to achieve a good career, you must learn to walk alone strong, think about what is important to yourself, instead of worrying about the relationships around, and learn to be happy with that.

Of course, really smart people don’t want to isolate themselves, they often have few friends, but not completely. When others need help, they will still actively help others. They are more cautious in making friends and have their own judgments to find a friend for themselves based on factors that are suitable for the time budget. Of course, they also cherish the relationship, but based on their own personal goals and a preference in their own way.