Feeling more than owning a house

What can you define happiness? And how was it >>

Well, I am not going to put my point over here but I would like to mention something which I need to do to have happiness. Of course, you are much better than me to do to own such a prompt happiness.

Like us, we can not buy happiness but it is sometimes agreed that with a lot of money can afford it. Hence, a great deal of money can handle happiness in different ways such as holding a new house, having a sexy girlfriend or an awesome wife whom she can do everything to please you the most, or else a nice car with a good job can almost serve you the best. But how can you feel after all?

Nah, I have enough money to get me on the trip far enough to teach me a good lesson or bring me up. On that paths that can lead you to new ways of being mature in the long run. And you can chill out at least!

Besides, you can feel close to something and you can easily memorise any cute moments which you have never seen before. In cases, you have just already ignored those things except for how lacking of money you want to gain like us, from the beginning.

After born, we grow up and head for life outside. To the front we can see the material or matter which put in our needs and life bags on the way to work, also with things you wanted to achieve in the past. Life is such a long way but cycled around, nobody wants to reveal it because of the dumb reality to which they can cause ways dark. Somebody tries not to admit it because of life attachments such as family, property, pleasure and enjoyment. Of course, it is real except for a last step to death.

How we can set for going with such an attachment. All we know to do is to accept us and not to greatly worry about it. At times, we can do some normal thing to achieve great happiness around and with lots of money can not afford. Here is not to pointed out on a line for you but you are adorable to see it on the way to school, work or even taking a walk in the park. I bet you can find it.

My own life with not much priority to do but I wanted to move out and set my life on the road so as to meet more people, and talk with them in such an exciting way. Then try to have a beer or two, walk around in the dark of the quiet beach or just lying on the ground after drunk. You can feel it with not owning a great deal of money. Otherwise, you can be more than being distinct.

Pet too closely

This is such a lovely insect which he has not a clue how to name it whether or not it is a real science name but he kindly showed all his attention to her on the way to the mountain pagoda with a bike. That was an awesome trip that he would like to tell especially this one.

Well, he knelt down on his knees to catch her because his phone camera is not very cool to pose such a beautiful thing. Then found that he could not do the best photo so he decided to lie down instead of kneeling. Of course, he took more photos than a real photographer in order to filter which is the best to choose from. Anyways, It was a worthy trip with my bike.

“just chill yourself on the way to nature, then it will help you heal your own, off a broken soul”

He has passion for nature things like doing that and he put it into he bucket list wherever his  ways on and on to have such an exciting memory to which you can keep in depth to your mind, somehow you can come back or not to remind of where you have been to and how you feel the world and put that into archived world.

To many more things to mention but the extraordinary landscapes out there. Let’s step outside and enjoy those things around to make you feel more important life around you. It definitely makes your own world look more beautiful.